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Donald Trump sums up his feelings on lying Ted in a pretty funny clip from NRA stage

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“Like, dislike, like.”

That’s how President Donald Trump described his complicated relationship with Texas Sen Ted Cruz as he spoke to the National Rifle Association on Friday.

“And we’re also joined by two people that — well, one I loved right from the beginning. The other one I really liked, didn’t like, and now like a lot again,” he said.

“Does that make sense?” he asked. “Senator David Perdue, he was from the beginning. And Senator Ted Cruz. Like, dislike, like.”

Good guy, smart cookies,” he said as he pointed to them from the stage.

The relationship between Cruz and President Trump was a roller coaster.

At the start of the Republican primary the two spoke highly of each other and agreed on many of the issues.

When other GOP candidates began attacking the eventual nominee, Cruz would not join them.

And President Trump had Cruz’s back too.

But as it became apparent that they were going to be among the finalists for the nomination it got nasty.

The future president nicknamed the Texas senator “Lyin’ Ted” and warned Cruz that he would “spill the beans” on his wife before he tweeted an unflattering picture of her.

He even hinted at the idea that Cruz’s father might have had some involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Cruz called the president a “coward” and joked about running him over with a car.

But the love has come back.

Cruz campaigned for the president against Hillary Clinton.

And recently he went after the mainstream media for its unfair coverage of the president and even offered a solution to fund the president’s border wall.

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