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Chelsea Clinton tries debating Ben Shapiro on Twitter; it doesn’t end well for her

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Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, thought it would be a good idea to spar with conservative firebrand Ben Shaprio on Twitter.

She quickly found out that it wasn’t going to end well for her.

The exchange began when House Speaker Paul Ryan sent out this tweet:

Brian Beutler, a senior editor at the liberal website New Republic, replied to Ryan by arguing that the Republican healthcare bill would cut funding for autism research and medical assistance.

Clinton jumped in on the bandwagon and tried to hurl an insult at Speaker Ryan.

Ben Shapiro mocked Clinton for sending out tweets rather than actually doing something about it.

Clinton tried to fire back at Shapiro, adding that she was simply being “sarcastic,” but Shapiro wasn’t going to let her off the hook for her comments.

Clinton has a long history of arguing that she was “joking” or being “sarcastic” when notable names call her out for unsubstantiated comments.

Federalism is the combining of a general government with regional governments to form one large single political system, which is what is commonly used by Democrats in order to expand the power and reach of the government.

Shapiro was pointing out that when Bill Clinton was president, he signed the Federalism Executive Order in 1998.

Clinton’s new executive order on federalism is a serious affront to the federalist framework established in the U.S. Constitution. It adopts and expands the tortured logic of New Deal expansionist policymaking and jurisprudence. President Clinton’s version of federalism would make individuals more, not less, subservient to the federal government. The Founding Fathers’ version, by comparison, limits the power of the federal government over the lives and liberty of individuals




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