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Armed thug shoves a pistol in the face of cool, calm Jimmy John’s clerk; here’s why it went viral

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What makes the news isn’t always the event itself, but rather some unusual aspect of it that makes us all wonder how WE would react in a similar situation.

When a pistol-wielding thug walked into a Kansas City, Missouri Jimmy John’s demanding money last Wednesday, the part of the story that made it go viral wasn’t so much the robbery – sadly, those are all too common – but instead the calm, cool, and collected cashier who complied with the robber’s demands in a way that kept him alive.

Or did it?

While the robber would have doubtless tried to pull the trigger if things weren’t going his way, many people on social media noticed that it wouldn’t have done any good – because the gun was jammed.

Apparently, along with civility and basic human decency, a baseline of robber competence is out the window too!


Regardless of the gun’s fireability, most people did admire the clerk’s reaction.

Of course, there could be another reason for the clerk’s calm reaction, but it’s hard to say for sure.

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Scott Morefield


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