Hollywood director says he’ll SHUT UP after he’s pummeled for trashing kids with cancer–to slam Trump

Avengers director and notorious Hollywood uber-liberal Joss Whedon apparently will do anything to get in a dose of Trump hate, even if it means making fun of teenage survivors of childhood cancer.

On Thursday afternoon, Paul Ryan shared this picture of his meeting with the teenage cancer survivors:

So naturally, this twisted Hollywood lefty decided to take the “opportunity” of Ryan’s post to try and take a perverted dig at President Trump.

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Because hey, why not?


Um, what?

Looks like Whedon ended up deletiing the tweet when the heat got to be too much, but what’s the point? Screenshots live forever.

Yeah, plenty of people, normal people, had a major problem with this. And they came at Whedon hard via Twitter (Warning for language):

You sure about that?






And finally, as a Firefly fan, the saddest point of all:

Whedon made an attempt to apologize:

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But, the damage was done:

At least he promised to shut up for a while. That’s something.

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