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This defiant Berkeley protester won’t remove his mask for police, so they cuff him and remove it anyway

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What were they even protesting? The big babies got their way.

After University of California-Berkeley cancelled a speech that was to have been delivered by conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter, protesters showed up to counter conservatives who vowed they were going to stand and speak in her place.

While the demonstrations remained mostly under control, one highlight was caputured when a cowardly protester refused to remove a mask hiding his identity. For once, Berekely police weren’t having it.

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Most everyone agreed — they got what they deserved, and it was about time the police did their job.

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And how did the conversation go after the trip down to booking?

At least one thought the cops were too gentle on the protester.

And then there was this:

Not all that long ago Americans followed the sage advice of Evelyn Beatrice Hall, who wrote, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

How did those words get twisted around to say, I disapprove of what you say, and if you say it again I will punch you in the face?

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Berkeley became the center of free speech during campus riots in the 60s. It now represents what could be the beginning of the First Amendment’s death throes if we allow this to continue.


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