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Dems makes disgusting ‘cops as pigs’ painting a priority, display on House floor to bemoan its removal

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And to think THIS is what Democrats choose to focus on while being paid to do the people’s work.

In a show of how critical identity politics is to the Democratic Party, lawmakers are still clinging to an offensive painting depicting police officers as pigs months after it was removed for violating an art competition rule prohibiting paintings that prompt political controversy.

Rep. William Clay, D-MO., whose office chose the painting as a district winner in the annual Congressional Art Competition, brought the so-called “artwork” on the House floor as he bemoaned that its removal was unconstitutional.

…after all, Democrats are above petty rules.

He was joined on the floor by other Democrats, including Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., who called the painting a “pretty amazing” piece of art, the Washington Examiner reported.

Who doesn’t want to see the first GOP millennial Latina beat the pants off of de Blasio for NYC mayor?

“My constituents’ winning entry was removed in an act of politically motivated unconstitutional retroactive censorship,” Clay said.

Political decorum notwithstanding, the lawmaker rambled on about how striking the disgusting piece was an injustice driven by “a storm of right-wing media pressure.”

Clay should realize that the Black Lives Matter-inspired hatred of cops is so 2016 and with a new sheriff in the White House, no longer in vogue. But, as a social media user noted, this is what Democrats must do these days to garner votes.

Here’s a sampling of reactions from Twitter:

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