Jealous much? Amanda Carpenter on CNN, ‘Ivanka’s becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways’

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Cosmopolitan writer Amanda Carpenter said Ivanka Trump is becoming just like Hillary Clinton. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter bashed Ivanka Trump again, saying she’s “becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways.”

Carpenter — a Never Trumper who writes for Cosmopolitan magazine — said Ivanka keeps sticking her nose into government business when she’s totally unqualified to do so.

“She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable,” Carpenter bleated on CNN Tuesday night. “She keeps trying to get these jobs that she’s not qualified for based on family connections. And every time when she’s asked about President Trump’s poor track record towards women, she defends the bad conduct that he has exhibited in the past.”

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When Trump supporter Erin Elmore reminded Carpenter that many women had voted for Donald Trump, Amanda scoffed: “It’s a joke that our government is holding Ivanka Trump up as a symbol of female empowerment when she’s gotten everything in her life because of her father.”

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The former Ted Cruz underling rose to fame last summer amid reports she had an affair with her married boss. She denied those reports. (Image: Instagram)

Ivanka — who graduated with honors from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania — helped run the Trump Organization for years and is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. The first daughter is now an unpaid assistant to the president, which is why she attends some official events.

Amanda Carpenter, a former staffer for Sen. Ted Cruz, rose to fame last summer amid reports she had a sexual affair with her married boss. She denied those claims but never threatened to sue the paper that reported them or demanded a retraction.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Carpenter relentlessly attacked Donald Trump. She even wanted to blackball any conservative who supported Trump.

Nothing has changed since Trump became president. Thanks to Never Trumpers like Amanda Carpenter, Hillary Clinton almost won the White House. Let that sink in.

Last month, Carpenter was torpedoed by Harvard Law School alum Kayleigh McEnany, who said Amanda should stop attacking Ivanka simply because she’s jealous of the beautiful blonde billionaire heiress.

“We should really respect and try to build up other women and not tear them down because we’re envious of what they have,” McEnany told Carpenter. “You should be cheering the fact that we have a working woman sitting next to the president who wants to highlight women’s issues.”

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