Speaking of Obama’s ‘red lines,’ Josh Earnest probably wishes he could take this Trump threat back

This is one Josh Earnest is sure to wish he could take back…

With former President Barack Obama emerging Monday from a long global vacation, yet largely avoiding politics, the former White House spokesman reassured MSNBC’s Chris Jansing that Obama will engage if the Trump administration crosses “some clear red lines.”

…which Earnest defined as a “departure of values” or an “egregious violation of the norms of governing.”

Naturally, such determinations at the discretion of the left… though Earnest didn’t clarify exactly what Obama might do under such circumstances.

Pointing to Obama’s visit Monday to the University of Chicago, Jansing celebrated the former president’s “true commitment to community organizing,” before noting that he “didn’t go after Donald Trump.”

“I think what would motivate President Obama to re-engage in the political debate is if we saw the federal government start to cross some clear red lines in terms of long observed norms and values that frankly I think we have started to take for granted,” Earnest replied.

..with a straight face.

Given the fiasco over Obama’s infamous red line in Syria, social media users let him have it over the remark.

Tom Tillison


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