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Geraldo tried to make his liberal argument against Trump’s border wall, but he came off as a total racist

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Leftist arguments against a border wall usually take one of two forms:

“It’s a waste of taxpayer money because it won’t work.” (Then you’ve got nothing to worry about, and since when have you, dear liberal, EVER cared about “wasting” taxpayer money?)


“It’s racist because Hispanics won’t be able to cross the border as easily as they’ve been doing it thus far.” (In other words, it WILL work, and that’s what they are afraid of. At least this argument is honest.)

So to be sure, liberals have a hard time making themselves clear when it comes to cogent arguments against President Trump’s border wall, but in attempting to make the second argument, Geraldo Rivera might have just played the “racism” card in a way he never intended.

And lots of people noticed!

On Monday, the Fox News contributor and former talk show host tweeted the following:

Fox News host thought she’d only be out for 5 days; warns about embarrassing cosmetic surgery fiasco

On first glance, do you see anything potentially wrong with this tweet? These folks did:

And finally:

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