DNC chair Tom Perez can’t control his potty mouth on Trump-bashing ‘unity tour’

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has been on a Trump-bashing “unity tour” that could also be called a profanity tour.

From a somewhat benign “hell no” to a saltier claim that Trump “doesn’t give a sh*t about people,” Perez is cheered on each time he lets the expletives fly.

“My momma taught me you shouldn’t do potty talk, but I hope you don’t mind because this is a sh*tty budget,” he said while discussing Trump’s budget at a Las Vegas rally.

The head of the Democratic Party has taken to using course language when talking about President Donald Trump, even with small children in the audience, prompting the “Fox & Friends” weekend crew to call Perez out for his poor judgement.

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Perez’s unhinged language even drew a rebuke from CNN’S John King recently, when the host of “Inside Politics” said it was “unnecessary.”

“I think he can do it with manners. I really do,” King said. “Passion is good, manners are good also.”

All of which makes you wonder if King has been paying attention to the Democratic Party lately?

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