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With just one photo op, Sarah Palin ruined one of this year’s most popular fashion trends for libs

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Well, the good news seems to be that the off-the-shoulder look is still a go for men.

In a display of just how ridiculously petty and deranged moral busybodies on the left are when it comes to Sarah Palin, a fashion writer has granted the former governor of Alaska the power to set fashion trends.

…being an example of what NOT to wear for “half of America.”

Struggling to accept the reality of Palin being in the White House, at the invitation of President Donald Trump, liberals have been mocking and ridiculing last week’s visit that included rockers Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

More from the Huffington Post:

With just one photo opp, Sarah Palin killed one of this year’s most popular pieces of clothing (for at least half of America) when she wore an off-the-shoulder shirt in the Oval Office.

Véronique Hyland, a fashion writer at The Cut, made the call and announced the time of death as 5:11 p.m. ET, April 20 ― not even 24 hours after Palin wore the shirt to visit President Trump at the White House.


The snooty fashion gurus at Vogue note that revealing one’s shoulders and wearing opened-toed shoes violates White House protocol, which prompted the Huffington Post to also called out Nugent’s wife, Shemane.

With Ted, Kid Rock and fiancé Audrey in the Oval Office! Official White House photo provided by Shealah Craighead

A post shared by Shemane Nugent (@shemanenugent) on

On a positive note, Kid Rock’s fiancée, Audrey Berry, was commended “for nailing the White House visitor’s dress code.”

And while little reported, Palin’s daughter, Bristol, was also around, as seen in a photo Shemane Nugent posted on Facebook, which is sure to drive the left even more nuts.

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