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Lewandowski’s confidence in Trump is off the charts: ‘He’s the greatest dealmaker our country’s ever seen’

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As Donald Trump‘s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski is a little biased, but what a resounding endorsement he offered Saturday of his former boss.

While discussing the Trump administration’s accomplishments so far on Fox News, Lewandowski described Trump as “the greatest deal-maker” in American history.

“He had the promises during the campaign, and he’s holding those promises,” he said.

Lewandowski said the media has not been fair in their coverage of Trump, opting to focus on the three things Trump hasn’t gotten done, which are repealing Obamacare, tax reform and a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

Trump expressed a similar sentiment on Twitter Friday:


“When you look at those three things, any of those would be considered a major accomplishment by any single administration,” Lewandowski said. “He’s going to get all of them done. [That] is the difference.”

Of that, he is certain.

“He’s the greatest deal-maker our country’s ever seen,” Lewandowski added. “And I’m very confident all three of those are going to get done before the end of the first year.”

High praise indeed!

Tom Tillison


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