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Kim Kardashian slammed by Catholic League; Virgin Mary slapped between her breasts was only the start

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Being a Kardashian means your livelihood depends on the ability to attract attention and when you have long since exposed EVERY inch of your surgically altered body for financial gain, the task becomes more and more challenging.

…but if you can no longer wow them with a little nudity, you can always try to offend them with crass behavior.

Which is what Kim Kardashian did Thursday, rocking a see-through black mini-dress with an image of the Virgin Mary strategically placed between her ample breasts.

The offensive display drew a rebuke from the Catholic League, which was in no mood for turning the other cheek.

“We’ve never seen any indication that Kim Kardashian venerates the Blessed Virgin Mary — she is a former porn star — so her latest headline-grabbing stunt can only be seen as exploitative,” the group said in a statement, according to Page Six.

And when it comes to the Kardashians, you can be sure there’s a financial motivation behind their antics… and sure enough, there is.

Kardashian was wearing the dress to plug the release of her new Kimoji prayer candle that features her reimagined as the Virgin Mary, available for the low price of just $18.

…never mind that no part of that body is “virgin.”

The reaction from social media users, minus the brain dead lemmings who idolize Kardashian, was not kind, with the suggestion of an exorcism being among the better responses… here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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