Police department’s hilarious ‘trap’ to catch 4/20 Weed Day participants wins the internet!

Police in Minnesota are proving to have a real sense of humor about 420 Day, which represents April 20, the annual holiday weed aficionados have set aside to celebrate getting stoned.

In a tweet that plays on the inevitable outcome of smoking marijuana, playing video games while getting the munchies, the Wyoming Police Department set a hilarious mock trap to snare offenders partaking in the days’ festivities.

And while it’s good law enforcement can make light of the sad holiday, it’s also encouraging to see some municipalities in America STILL consider the drug to be illegal.

At the same time, some weed heads took offense to the post… to the stereotyping AND the outdated video games!

All in all, the WPD Twitter feed was just as hilarious as the original post… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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