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Oh, what a night! Big names ROCK the WH; Libs totally lose it when they have some fun at Hillary’s expense

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Turnabout is fair play.

After eight long years of hearing about committed leftists like Bruce Springsteen and Snoop Dog visiting the Obama White House, conservatives now get their turn.

..and they wasted no time capitalizing, courtesy of President Donald Trump.

Conservative stalwart Sarah Palin finally made it to the White House this week, and while her appearance was as a visitor, she wasn’t alone, being joined by rockers Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Now that’s an entourage!

“A great night at the White House! Thank you to President Trump for the invite!” Palin wrote on social media along with several photos of the trio in the Oval Office with the president.

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As might be expected, the three were not above having a little fun, with Nugent’s wife, Shemane, posting a photo of them standing in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton.

Nugent also posted a photo of himself standing next to a seated President Trump:

And while there was the expected expletive infused sour grapes from the left:



Folks on the right were eating it up with both hands.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Sure thing, Joy.

And then there’s this gem:




Sarah Palin had some fun with it on Twitter too…

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