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‘What happens when lib mob realizes they got a moderate knocked off Fox & replaced by a real conservative?’

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Leftists are rejoicing over Bill O’Reilly‘s firing, but their jubilation may be short-lived once they realize he has been replaced by a hard-core conservative in Fox News darling Tucker Carlson.

Like the Hydra in Greek mythology, chopping off the head of the many-headed serpent causes two to grow back in its place. Such is the case with Fox News, whose lethal new prime-time lineup is even more politically conservative post-O’Reilly.

Tucker Carlson will slide into the 8 p.m. time slot. And Eric Bolling now gets his own daily TV show at 5 p.m. O’Reilly was more politically moderate than either Carlson or Bolling.

This caused some conservatives to gleefully remark: “What happens when the lib mob realizes they got a moderate knocked off Fox at 8 pm and is replaced by a real conservative host?”

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Plenty of folks agreed with radio host Mark Simone.


Conservatives also pointed out that liberals love men who sexually harass women, as long as your name is Bill Clinton.

Bill O’Reilly released the following statement late Wednesday in response to his firing:

It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.


bill o'reilly ratings

While liberals have already convicted O’Reilly, his longtime (and extremely loyal) fans say the harassment claims are a politically-motivated witch hunt to destroy Fox News, whose ratings blow away those of its cable news rivals CNN and MSNBC.

The O’Reilly Factor was the highest-rated cable news show for the past 16 years. Its ratings crushed CNN and MSNBC every single year since 2001. That’s a streak unmatched in cable news.

Amazingly, O’Reilly’s ratings surged last week after sponsors pulled their ads to protest the harassment complaints against the outspoken anchor.

O’Reilly’s attorney Marc Kasowitz issued this statement on Tuesday, calling the accusations a “smear campaign” aimed at “character assassination.”

Bill O’Reilly has been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America. This law firm has uncovered evidence that the smear campaign is being orchestrated by far-left organization bent on destroying O’Reilly for political and financial reasons.

That evidence will be put forth shortly and is irrefutable.

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