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New study confirms that states with the worst economies are all run by Democrats

states with the worst economies are all run by Democrats
A 2017 study confirms that states with the worst economies are all run by Democrats. (screenshot)

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States run by Democrats have the worst economies, according to a new study entitled “Rich States, Poor States.”

A report published this week by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) shows that states run by Republicans — such as Utah and Indiana — have the strongest economies.

In contrast, many of the worst-performing states are run by Democrats, meaning Dems control either the governor’s office, the legislature, or both.

The 10th edition of Rich States, Poor States was co-authored by economist Dr. Arthur Laffer, ALEC vice president Jonathan Williams, and Heritage Foundation fellow Stephen Moore. The report has been used by lawmakers as a guide for measuring the economic competitiveness of their states since 2008.

D’oh!! Failing states voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016

The bottom 10 states (including dead-last New York) are run by Democrats. Interestingly, all 10 bottom-feeders went for Hillary Clinton during the presidential election.

(Image: ALEC)

Utah — which has long had a Republican governor and legislature — grabbed the No. 1 spot as the state with the best economic outlook. For the 10th consecutive year.

America’s most dangerous cities are run by Democrats

A separate study of the 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States shows that the most crime-ridden cities are run by Democrats. Democratic mayors preside over 16 of the top 20 cities with the highest violent crime rates, according to Neighborhood Scout, which compiled the report.

Chicago — which has had a Democratic mayor since 1927 — is the murder capital of the United States. While Chicago is the nation’s third-largest city, it had more homicides in 2016 than New York and Los Angeles combined.

The alarming statistics caused President Trump to serve notice that he’ll send in federal reinforcement to Chicago if the killings continue at this rate.


Even though Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (a longtime Obama ally) can’t keep his city’s taxpaying citizens safe, he has reassured illegal aliens that they are safe from deportation.

Tom Cotton wants to defund schools teaching 1619 Project, whose author called whites ‘savages’


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