Mainstream media changes Fresno killer’s quote to ‘God is great,’ and that was just the beginning of the lie

Well, at least they didn’t describe him as a dark-skinned white dude.

The Associated Press removed all references to Islam when it reported on the capture of the Fresno killer Kori Ali Muhammad, including his shouted words “Allahu Akbar” when he was captured Tuesday afternoon, changing them to their English translation, “God is great.”

The news agency also declined to mention the 39-year-old African-American Muslim’s black supremacist leanings. Don’t want to give him a bad name, you know.

NBC Nightly News didn’t have any such qualms and reported:

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However, The AP described it this way:

People on social media were furious at the news agency’s politically correct tip-toeing around Muhammad’s radical Islamic hatred.

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The AP also failed to mention that Muhammad was a black supremacist, The Daily Mail reported:

He later told police that he hates white people. His victims were all Caucasian males apparently chosen at random.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer called the acts ‘unprovoked’ and ‘solely based on race’. They are investigating the incident as a hate crime.


When 37-year-old Steve Stephens was on the lam after committing the senseless murder of an elderly man, a local TV station described him as having “dark white skin.”

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At least The AP didn’t go to those lengths. It chose instead to simply not mention Muhammad’s race at all.


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