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Woman returns home to find male intruder in kitchen frying her chicken and swigging her vodka

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Talk about making yourself at home…

When Alachua County, Florida, resident Samantha O’Neal arrived home recently, she found a man standing over her stove frying chicken.

…the only problem being he was an intruder!

“I walked in to him standing here with this pot of oil, where he was frying chicken, O’Neal told Fox 35. “The strainer right here, this chicken in freezer that got cut open, frying chicken.”

But Ronald Wesly, 34, didn’t just help himself to some chicken, partaking of some vodka he found in the home.

“He was in here, drunk as a skunk, just being Betty Crocker,” said her sister, Melissa Stanley, who was with O’Neal.

The ladies proceeded to throw the unwelcome guest out on his backside.

“I was scared. My sister was more scared,” O’Neal stated. “I just wanted him off the property, so I picked him up and threw him out the gate.”

Police found Wesly, who O’Neal knew casually, but did not invite him into her home, wandering nearby and arrested him, according to Fox 35.

Tom Tillison


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