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Media concerned when Trump signs child’s hat at Easter Egg Roll

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Liberal Trump haters couldn’t wait to bash the president for being mean and dismissing a child at the annual Easter Egg roll.

There’s just one issue.

They were completely wrong, yet again.

The brouhaha started after Politico posted a video that showed a youngster giving a “Make America Great Again” hat to President Donald Trump to sign, which he did.

It then appeared that the president flung the hat back into the crowd for any random fan to get, causing a frenzy of responses from mainstream and social media.

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Yeah, it’s also incorrect.

NBC Nightly News’ Micah Grimes posted video on social media from another angle that showed President Trump flipped it to the same young man who gave him the hat to sign.

Social media users were not surprised that the media attempted to spin the story to make the president look bad.

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