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Sarah Silverman has tantrum, demands President Trump ‘release your f***ing taxes you emotional child’

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Actress Sarah Silverman was at her shrill best on Saturday as she gathered with other protesters to demand President Donald Trump release his taxes.

Protesters gathered in various cities around the country in an event dubbed the Tax March, brought to you by the same brain trust that organized the Women’s March.

And it had many of the same celebrity whiners who still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

“Show us your f**king taxes, you emotional child,” Silverman shouted to a receptive, anti-Trump, crowd in New York City. “You like being a superficial bully? Here’s one for you: You are a three at best.”

And speaking of being an emotional child, Silverman tweeted pictures of the signs she brought to the march that included “Give up your taxes you smelly taint,” “Donald Trump eats farts 4 dinner,” “You’re a 3 at best” and “Hey Donny, did you pay zero taxes in rubles or dollars? Criminals hide #taxes.”

MSNBC caught up with the alleged comedian after she had her tantrum and she described what it was like being a conservative for the past eight years.

“I was raised to be an active citizen,” Silverman said. “I’m from New Hampshire, my parents are, and that’s what we do. Love America, you love your country. You have to speak up and speak out.”

When asked if she thought the president, who won the election without releasing his taxes, would be moved enough by the protests to do so now, Silverman didn’t want to take another stab at the prediction game.

“I’ve not been able to predict the future at all in the past year and a half,” Silverman, who first supported Bernie Sanders then jumped ship to Hillary Clinton, said.

“I have no idea what’s coming up,” she added. “We have to be brave.”

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