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Libs trash Trump’s office for a price: the ‘anger room’ provides outlet for sore losers’ pent-up rage

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Because destroying things make them feel powerful again?

Nowadays, not only do liberals need safe spaces where they can feel comforted away from the strains of unwelcome and disagreeable thoughts, but they also need anger rooms, where they can release all their pent-up rage over President Donald Trump.

The Anger Room was the brainchild of former restaurant marketing manager Donna Alexander, 31, who set up shop in a Dallas warehouse after the Electoral College declared the billionaire businessman our 45th president.

But it all comes at a price.

Costs can range from $25 for five minutes of smashing furniture, potted plants and electronics, up to $500 for a go at a replica of the Oval Office — complete with an effigy of the president himself, the Mirror reported.

And business, according to Alexander, has been, well, smashing.

“Forget Donald Trump’s pledge to make America great again — he’s made America hate again. The bookings have gone through the roof’ she said.

“I know the President has spoken about wanting to make American businesses succeed, but he helped mine long before his inauguration,” Alexander added.

But if her business tanked before the inauguration, how could that possibly be Trump’s fault?

“There is no fake news or anyone with a fake fuse here,” she said. “The anger is very real. People leave here feeling a whole lot better, having whacked the hell out of something. It’s like therapy to them.”

To help customers get into the proper frame of mind, the walls are splatter with graffiti displaying messages such as “F**k Trump” and “Dump the Trump.” She calls it her “Wall of Shame,” but it’s unclear as to whether it’s Trump that’s shameful or the writings.

She welcomes donations of smashable items such as TVs, computers and mannequins.

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