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Ethics complaint filed against Dem Adam Schiff after he targeted Nunes; people in glass houses …

adam schiff ethics complaint judicial watch devin nunes
Adam Schiff, a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, had accused committee chairman Devin Nunes of violating ethical rules. Schiff is now accused of similar violations. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

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People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

That’s the harsh lesson Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is learning right now.

Schiff — who had sounded the drum beats accusing Republican Congressman Devin Nunes of disclosing classified information in violation of House ethics rules — is now accused of doing the exact same thing.

Thanks to baseless accusations from Democrats like Schiff, Nunes recused himself from an investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. Nunes still remains chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

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In a letter they hand-delivered on Friday, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch demanded an investigation into whether California Reps Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier “disclosed classified information to the public in violation of House ethics rules.”

Schiff and Speier are among a group of Democrats apparently trying to block an investigation into whether the Obama administration had spied on the Trump transition team while moving forward with a separate investigation of Trump aides. Hmmm … smells like liberal hypocrisy.

In its letter, Judicial Watch wrote:

If the standard for filing a complaint or opening an ethics investigation is that a member has commented publicly on matters that touch on classified information, but the member does not reveal the source of his or her information, then the complaints against Chairman Nunes are incomplete insofar as they target only Nunes.

At least two other members of the House Intelligence Committee have made comments about classified material that raise more directly the very same concerns raised against Chairman Nunes because they appear to confirm classified information contained in leaked intelligence community intercepts.

On March 21, 2017, the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, spoke to an audience at the Brookings Institute in which he commented on an intelligence community intercept of a December 29, 2016 conversation between Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislayak and retired U.S. Army General Michael Flynn, who had been selected by then-President Elect Donald Trump to serve as National Security Advisor. Both the fact of the conversation and the conversation’s contents were leaked to the news media and reported widely.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton concluded the letter by saying: “While the Ethics Committee examines Rep. Nunes’s innocuous statements on Obama’s surveillance on the Trump team, it ought to expand its investigation to include the other members of the Intelligence Committee who seem to have flagrantly violated the rules.”

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