DCCC mocked for roll out of new ‘I miss Obama’ sticker with live footage of Barack and Joe in Trump’s office

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee rolled out its new promotional sticker and instantly got roasted on social media.

The committee not only released a new “I Miss Obama” sticker, it then promoted it with a GIF featuring “live footage” of the former president and vice president.

Clicking the link in the tweet leads to a contribution page where a $3 donation gets you a free sticker declaring “I Miss Obama.”

Image: Screengrab: from Twitter/ DCCC

“Show off your President Obama nostalgia today!” the website declares.

The National Republican Congressional Committee took the opportunity to mock Democrats on their loss in the Kansas special election earlier in the week.

The DCCC has set its sights on next week’s special election in Georgia’s 6th district, releasing an anti-Trump radio ad featuring Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson.

Twitter users, and members of their own Party,  promptly bashed the DCCC for its “goofy” Obama tweet, giving Democrats a scathing reminder that they need to get their minds out of the past if they want to survive.

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Frieda Powers


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