Another bloody free speech rally at Berkeley; why couldn’t they just hide eggs and get along?

It was a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt.

The violent thugs at Berkeley, California had a better idea. They did what they’ve become famous for when confronted with opposing ideas again on Saturday.

Antifa, which stands for anti-fascists, showed up in their usual cowardly garb of facemasks and black clothing and didn’t take long to get violent when they met a group of pro-President Donald Trump free speech marchers in Civic Center Park.

The two groups got physical, leading to more than a dozen arrests and several people injured, according to CNN.

“A large number of fights have occurred and numerous fireworks have been thrown in the crowds,” the Berkeley Police Department wrote in a statement. “There have also been numerous reports of pepper spray being used in the crowd.”

Video and pictures from the clash on social media showed pepper spray being used, fireworks and bottles being thrown, and fights being waged.

These men were at the wrong rally if they wanted nonviolence.

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Carmine Sabia


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