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Unbelievable video shows 4-yr-old come within inches of her life when 2 bullets blast right past her

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*Warning for intense video.

A heart stopping video from Arizona showed a four year-old girl narrowly miss being the target of bullets that flew past her.

The video, released by the Chandler Police Department on Wednesday, showed the young girl miraculously dodge not one, but two bullets that came through a barbershop window where she was seated, KNXV-TV reported.

Inside the Paisanos Barber Shop at a strip mall in Chandler, surveillance footage captured the little girl as she danced around and then sat on a chair in front of the windows that faced the street. As bullets flew through the glass on either side of her, the frightened child threw her hands over her head and face as she ran off, out of sight of the camera.

The girl who was constantly in motion and was literally in the right spot at the right time to save her life.

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Thankfully, the girl was not shot but only injured by glass debris, according to KNXV.

Police reported that two suspects were arrested in the shooting that seemed to stem from an altercation at a nearby tattoo shop.

Rafael Santos, 21, was charged with discharging a firearm, endangerment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the incident at the tattoo parlor on Monday, police said.

According to court papers obtained by KNXV,  Michael Hart, 23, allegedly fired several shots from a vehicle outside toward the tattoo shop after an argument with employees. Those shots ended up coming through the barber shop, nearly killing the four year-old inside. Hart was arrested at a home on Tuesday, according to KNXV.

Twitter users, amazed by the video, reacted in emotional tweets to the miraculous way the child was not hit by the bullets.

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