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President Trump turns a lot of heads when he says something stunning about the media

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Change in tone or a sarcastic quip?

President Donald Trump might be trying to quell the tension between himself and the media.

While at an event in the White House to honor first responders of the I-85 highway collapse after it was set ablaze in Atlanta on March 30, the president complimented the media.

Or did he?

“You know these folks back here,” the president said as he motioned toward reporters gathered to chronicle the event. “They’re very famous, most of ’em. It’s called: the media. They’re very honorable people.

“But you’re more honorable,” he told the rescue workers.

The comment was in stark contrast to the battled he has fought against the media since his campaign began to gain steam.

And it comes as the press continues to grasp at any straw to criticize the president.

The battle has been so contentious that President Trump won’t be attending the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Some on social media believed the president was being sarcastic.

But many leftists went out of their minds, using it to hammer the president as a flip-flopper.

Yeah that’s it.

Or perhaps …

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Carmine Sabia


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