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‘I’d bomb the s**t out of ‘em.’ Trump reality checks the Left by doing exactly what he said he would

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*Warning for harsh language.

After eight years of Obama’s limp-wristed foreign policy, the world is waking to what defending a red line actually looks like.

But hey, it’s not as though people weren’t warned — President Trump told folks on the campaign trail as far back as November of 2015 that he’d bomb the shi … er, fertilizer out of them.

Here’s a little reminder of then-candidate Trump’s preview of coming attractions.

Mouths began dropping open last week with Trump’s approval for the 59-missile strike against a Syrian military air base. That was capped off exactly one week later by the Pentagon dropping a MOAB on an Islamic State tunnel network in Afghanistan.

Snowflakes even complained about what MOAB stood for, which, according to reporters, meant “Mother Of All Bombs.”

Sorry to spoil the fun, kiddies, but the letter designation for the high-yield non-nuclear GBU-43/B device actually refers to “Massive Ordnance Air Blast.”

Pork-barrel politics loving liberals also complained about the cost of all that ordinance. Those who barely batted an eyelash when Obama spent nearly a trillion dollars on his “stimulus” that stimulated nothing but his ego, suddenly became budget-conscious accountants.

Folks also recalled Trump’s “Let them eat cake” moment last week when he told Chinese President Xi Jinping of the Syrian missile strike while the two were enjoying dessert.

While Obama micromanaged the military brass every day of his eight-year administration, Trump had given the Pentagon the go-ahead to do what it needed to eliminate ISIS from the face of the Earth. This was a huge reality-check for the left — but instructive.

And while liberals wailed, conservatives saw it for what it was — another campaign promise being fulfilled.

And after the dust cleared, we discovered that the mission was a total success: Bad hombres were killed, civilians left unscathed, living terrorists were given a wake-up call that their demented fun and games are over.

It should have also been instructive for Obama, who liked to throw out the term “red line” without actually following through on his threats.

People like to say that in Trump, we have a new sheriff in town, but that would be inaccurate. We should just say we finally have a sheriff in town after eight long years of being without one.

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