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Bitter Dem on pro-school choice GOP rival: ‘I wanted to punch her in the throat’

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An Arizona state representative is in apology mode after saying he wanted to punch a Republican state senator in the throat.

Arizona Rep. Jesus Rubalcava took to Facebook to unleash an angry rant against Arizona State Sen. Debbie Lesko who introduced a bill that expanded the school voucher choice program.

The bill was passed, and watching Lesko’s “thank you tour” enraged the representative, the The Arizona Republic reported.

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“Lesko’s ‘thank you’ tour was slightly enraging, one Facebook user wrote.

“I wanted to punch her in the throat,” Rubalcava said.

“As a survivor of domestic violence from a previous marriage, Representative Rubalcava’s Facebook post stating ‘I wanted to punch her in the throat’ was very disturbing and totally inappropriate especially since he is an elementary school teacher and legislator,” Lesko said in a statement to the Republic. “I hope in the future that he debates issues based on their merit in a civil manner.”

Rubalcava issued an apology on the floor of the state’s House of Representatives on Thursday.

“My comment, was definitely unprofessional, and it was unacceptable,” Rubalcava said. “And I want this body to know that I have apologized to Sen. Debbie Lesko for my comment, and I sincerely apologize, I want this body to know.”

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Lesko said she accepted his apology.

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