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Actress who thought she could school Katie Pavlich on ‘compassion’ & ISIS really should’ve thought twice

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To be sure, military conflict should be avoided when possible, but most rational people also understand that the astoundingly evil terrorist group ISIS will only stop killing, raping and torturing innocent people when their hearts are no longer beating.

Some liberals, however, still haven’t gotten the picture. Enter movie director Josh Fox and his response to President Trump’s decision to unleash a bunker-buster bomb, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in existence, on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan:

Wounded Warrior praises MOAB mission, then drops a bomb of his own on Obama admin

Yeah, if we just loved them enough they’d stop killing people, sing kumbaya with us, and maybe even give us a hug, right Josh?

Conservative commentator and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich was having none of it.

Not a lot of wasted words from Katie, but right to the point.

Which attracted the attention of liberal actress Alyssa Milanao, who just KNOWS “compassion” would totally work on ISIS.

Pavlich’s response nailed it again:

To quote Twitchy, “Who’s the boss? Katie is.”

I see what you did there, Twitchy (Milano starred in “Who’s The Boss”).

And yes, rational people agree:

‘Let me go’: Emotional Tomi Lahren hits Nightline and sends an unequivocal message to Glenn Beck

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