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Sen. Feinstein’s attempt to slam Sessions for enforcing the law backfires in a big way

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions intends to do something that hasn’t been adequately done in eight years – enforce our immigration laws.

So naturally, liberal Democrats are up in arms. However, one might think a sitting senator, even a Democrat one, might possess a rudimentary understanding of what the rule of law means – you know, since senators help MAKE laws, but apparently California’s Dianne Feinstein still hasn’t gotten the memo.

So, “undocumented immigrants” aren’t criminals? Senator Feinstein, if you have a problem with the law as it is, perhaps you should get another one passed. Until then, what is wrong with enforcing the laws actually on the books?

False narrative? How about reality, Dianne?

And finally, the bottom line:

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Scott Morefield


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