Chelsea calls Trump ‘appalling’ over 13-yr-old cheap shot, promptly pummeled with ugly family history

“You’re really bad at Twitter.”

Chelsea Clinton took another leap off the social media cliff by chiming in on an attempt to smear President Trump for something he said over a decade ago.

A story published by “The Hollywood Reporter” on Wednesday revealed the not-so breaking news of Trump repeating an offensive word at the 2004 Friars Club’s annual roast where he was the guest of honor.

It didn’t take long for Trump critics to cherry pick the piece and pull out some dated cheap shots.

Clinton saw an opportunity to throw some stones and added her two cents on Twitter.

She apparently forgot the adage about those who live in glass houses.

Twitter users shredded Clinton,  creating a new thesaurus listing for the word “appaling” on the way.

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Frieda Powers


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