Huh? Ashley Judd’s kooky response to man being dragged off plane: ‘Dear United, I’ll wear leggings …’

Ashley Judd can’t help herself.

Whenever she sees a controversy she feels the need to make it about her liberal agenda.

Such was the case when United Airlines brutalized and dragged a passenger off of a flight it overbooked to the horror of liberals, conservatives and human beings everywhere, as was evidenced by the social media response.

But Judd had to bring it back to her agenda of pushing the idea that the world is sexist by bringing up a weeks old controversy from United.

Judd was referring to the hubbub over United Airlines workers who were taken off a fight for wearing only leggings.

A controversy in which the airline was actually justified because the attire was against the company’s policy for employees.

Ashley, poor delusional Ashley, you are about two weeks behind being offended at that.

Judd was promptly dragged by social media for conflating the two.

Ok, but still … old news.

Yes. That’s the one.

Preferably somewhere far.

She probably will.

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Carmine Sabia


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