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Trump admin gives NYC bakery immigrants deadline to prove legal status; they decide they’re above the law

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They’d rather fight than comply.

Employees of a famed New York City bakery, who have less than two weeks to provide proof that they’re working in the country legally, said they will instead defy the law.

Clip via Fox News Channel

The 31 mostly Spanish-speaking workers of the Tom Cat Bakery instead demonstrated outside Manhattan’s Trump Tower and said they would rather face deportation than provide immigration papers, as required by an April 21 deadline.

Many of the workers have been employed by Tom Cat for many of its 30-year existence.

The bakery’s production line runs 24 hours a day and takes up an entire Queens city block. Employees said it was mainly anger that prompted their defiance of the law.

“It made me feel so sad, angry at the same time, because I never expected this was going to happen,” Hector Solis, 45, said, according to Fox News.

Solis, a Mexican native who suffered a heart attack a few years back, is fearful of losing both his job and the health insurance that goes along with it

Although he produced documents years ago purporting to show he’s here legally, he admitted that he’s not. “No, not really,” he said. He and the others claim that their protest is in defiance of President Donald Trump.

Folks on social media weren’t necessarily sympathetic to their plight.

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The April 21 deadline was set by the Department of Homeland Security.


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