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Whoopi makes an admission about cultural appropriation after ‘everyone and their mama’ hated Pepsi ad

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Actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg defended an ad that PepsiCo released — and then promptly pulled — “although everybody and their mama” hated it.

Clip via “The View”

The commercial, which featured reality star Kendall Jenner bringing Black Lives Matter protesters and police officers together by offering them a can of Pepsi, may have even had legal problems associated with it before PepsiCo canned it.

Goldberg made her appraisal on ABC’s “The View,” and stated that it was admittedly “a bad commercial,” but nonetheless inoffensive.

She claimed that although it may have sounded terrific in its early development stages, the result was awful.

“When you see it on paper it looks good,” she said.

Goldberg likened it to an iconic Vietnam-era photo of a young hippie placing a daisy in a soldier’s gun barrel.

“Listen, now, there are some things where you can say, ‘Hey, you need to be more sensitive,’ but this ain’t one of them,” Goldberg said. “This is a bad commercial, that didn’t work. … Remember, you see it on paper, and it looks good, it looks smart.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin questioned the decision to use Kendall Jenner as the ad’s central figure, who hails from the Kardashian family, who are famous for merely being famous.

“She made her life being famous,” she said.

Goldberg felt too much was being read into that.

“It’s just a crappy commercial! You know, this cultural appropriation stuff is starting to really make me crazy,” Goldberg said.

“If we’re gonna go with cultural appropriation, wear natural hair,” Goldberg said. “If we’re wearing white lady hair, isn’t that appropriation as well?”

The ad was even mercilessly spoofed on “Saturday Night Live.”

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