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Iconic Las Vegas neon cowboy sign is hijacked; becomes Trump-loving, Dem-bashing mouthpiece

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A longtime Las Vegas icon has angered some on the left after his image was used to bash Hillary Clinton.

Vegas Vic, a fixture on Freemont Street since it was erected outside of The Pioneer Club in 1951, used to say “Howdy partner” to passersby. Now his words are causing legal action.

Someone using the image and name of the character on Twitter is portraying Vic as an unabashed conservative and no fan of Hillary Clinton, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Kevin Hanratty, lawyer for the company that owns the image and likeness of Vegas Vic, said they hadn’t been aware of the account’s existence until this week. He said that after reviewing Vic’s posts on Twitter, he concluded that the user of @VegasVictory was in violation of using the trademarked image without permission. Another Twitter account, @VegasVic, appears to be dormant.

Vic has mocked all of President Donald Trump’s enemies including Clinton, and even Republicans like John McCain, to the delight of his more than 46,000 followers.

Hanratty said his clients were not amused.

Even though one of the majority shareholders, Sue Lowden, ran as a Republican for the Senate seat that was held by Sen. Harry Reid, according to the Times.

“He is one of those figures where, if you see a photo of this neon cowboy, people know it’s Las Vegas,” University of Nevada, Las Vegas associate professor of history Michael Green said. “He marketed downtown Las Vegas for years, and he’s the grand old man now.”

“In our very partisan times, people are capable of reading this the wrong way,” Green added. “It then eventually leads to problems.”

And in these partisan times it’s likely that Vic’s owners are more concerned about alienating customers than they are their own political opinions.

Hollywood ought to take note.

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