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Get ready for Mitt Romney … again

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Is Mitt Romney set to become the next senator from Utah?

It’s possible if Sen. Orrin Hatch, decides to retire, according to the Associated Press.

Hatch, who is the current longest-serving senator, said he plans to run again. But if he changes his mind he’d want to see the former presidential candidate run for his Senate seat.

“I’m planning on running, but if I for some reason withdrew, I’d be thrilled if Mitt Romney would be willing to consider it,” the senator said. “He’s a big supporter, he and his whole family.”

The speculation began when Hatch told the “National Review” last week that he’d “consider” retiring if he “could get a really outstanding person to run for my position” before adding that “Mitt Romney would be perfect.”

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that he had spoken with the former Massachusetts governor about running, but only if Hatch retired.

“I’ve had some conversations with Mitt Romney. Obviously, I’m an Orrin Hatch supporter. Orrin has to decide what he wants to do. If he wants to run again, I’m for him.”

Hatch indicated that he reached out to Romney because he didn’t want to see a fight for his vacant seat and have what happened to his friend, the late senator Robert Bennett when he was defeated by Sen. Mike Lee, happen again.

“I wouldn’t want that to happen again,” the 83-year-old senator said. “If [Romney] ran, I would hope that everybody would get behind him. He’d be excellent.”

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