Trump fans kick into high gear when they hear another Trump might have the political itch, bigtime

Well… is he, or isn’t he?

Does Donald Trump Jr. have his sights set on becoming governor of New York?

A guest at a gun club meeting in Hicksville, NY, where Trump Jr. was speaking on Tuesday, told Page Six that when President Donald Trump’s son was asked about his political ambitions, he replied that he’d love to follow his father into public office.

“Don Jr. said he is interested in running for office, such as governor of New York, but the position of mayor of New York would be less interesting to him,” the unidentified guest said, according to the celebrity news and gossip site.

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More from Page Six:

Don Jr. added that he didn’t want to be one of 100 Senators, nor a member of Congress.

Campaigning alongside his father made him think about his future, with him saying, “Do I want to be behind the scenes and be a mouthpiece and fight back against crazy liberal media? Maybe.” Don Jr. joked that he missed the intensity of the presidential campaign: “Going back to doing deals is boring after 18 months. The politics bug bit me.”


All of which is to be taken with a grain of salt if you go by what “a Trump source” tells Page Six.

“Don [Jr.] has no intentions of running for political office at this time . . . [He] is totally focused on running the Trump Organization with his brother,” the source said.

Trump Jr. proved during last year’s Republican National Convention he can excite a crowd, delivering a well received speech that painted a personal picture of his father.

While the anti-Trump forces weren’t too keen about Trump Jr. running for governor, there were plenty of social media users who loved the idea… in part because of the possibility of yet another match up with Hillary Clinton!

(Clinton supporters are reportedly urging her to run for governor.)

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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