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Shep quick to slap up old tweets to try and shame Trump, promptly gets spanked by a general instead

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Shepard Smith’s attempt to shame President Trump on his Syria record was unraveled in minutes by a retired U.S. general.

The Fox News anchor on Thursday read multiple tweets by Trump from back in 2013 in which he warned against getting involved in military action against Syria.

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Smith offered them up as examples of an about-face by Trump as president, noting his apparent reversal of sentiment by calling for a U.S. airstrike on a Syrian airfield Thursday.

“There are certainly risks in this matter,” Smith said, referring to the American military action which was in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack earlier this week that left dozens of his own citizens dead, including women and children.

“But there is nothing to say that the Syrians might, instead of not acting again, act again to draw the United States in,” Smith argued.

“Something has happened since those utterings which you just mentioned,” retired four-star general and former Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, Gen. Jack Keane responded. “The fact is an election was held and on January 20th, this person became president of the United States.”

“I think what you’re seeing here frankly is someone who feels a sense of accountability and responsibility as the president of the United States,” Keane continued, “knowing he has the power to stop the horrendous act that’s taken place, to do something about it based on the moral underpinnings of this great country of ours and other God-fearing people in the world.”

Keane, who had turned down President Trump’s offer to serve as secretary of defense due to personal reasons, had recommended retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis for the job. Keane retired from active military duty in 2003, after serving 37 years in the U.S. Army.

The 74 year-old veteran aimed and fired directly at Smith’s narrative.

“He’s now president,” Keane said of Trump. “He’s no longer a guy like me sitting on the outside rendering opinions.”

He concluded by expressing his support for Trump and his decison to act on Syria.

“He has the responsibility and he feels accountable to it and I think he’s made the righ judgement here, to be quite frank about it, and we’ll see how it pans out,” he said.

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