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Paranoid Hollywood director puts his ignorance on full display when he sounds ‘gay alarm’ on Trump

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Director and Hollywood liberal Joss Whedon may be existing in an alternate reality like in one of his movies.

Whedon sounded the alarm in a tweet on Thursday warning that President Trump could be leading America toward the path of Chechnya’s government and begin murdering homosexual men.

Chechnya is predominantly Muslim. So, what is Joss trying to say, here?

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His over-the-top claim that it’s “where we’re headed” referred to a New York Times story citing a Russian report that Chechen authorities were arresting and killing gay men. Chech

Warning that the president of the United States could be leading American to be like a Muslim nation?

Whedon’s tweet, though quite a stretch, is not surprising coming from the director of  Marvel’s “The Avengers,” who has been a vocal critic of Trump.

He pooled together a “sh-t-ton of famous people” like stars from his Avengers movies to beg people to vote in a condescending video he released last September. He followed with a meltdown after Trump won the election, demanding that the real estate billionaire not be allowed a term in office.

Whedon’s fear-provoking tweet about the president’s threat to the gay population seems unfounded, however. Trump reached out to the LGBTQ community on the campaign trail, even bringing up the topic during his speech at the Republican National Convention last July.

The president also declared he was “fine” with the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to legalize marriage between same-sex couples.

Twitter users slammed the liberal director for his tweet and for apparently losing his grip on reality.

It’s on! Ethics complaint filed against Adam Schiff; will he respond with same honor as did Devin Nunes?

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