Conservatives gleefully take in the ultimate ‘liberal whine fest’ as Gorsuch reality slowly sets in

Democrats have gone out of their minds after Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice on Thursday.

And they got busy doing what they do best… venting their never-ending outrage on social media. Although, this time it isn’t a fake racial controversy, or faux feminism. No, this one really hurt and it showed.

For many so-called liberals, this signals the endgame for the socialist utopia that only exists in movies and their collective minds. So, the aftermath is ugly.

You’ve been warned (Really, warning for language):

It’s on! Ethics complaint filed against Adam Schiff; will he respond with same honor as did Devin Nunes?

Wonder if Mr. Ledford sent a similar tweet to Sen. Harry Reid in 2013.

Apparently he missed 2013 too.

Republicans didn’t vote for the white man former President Obama appointed but did vote for the white man President Donald Trump appointed. That’s racist.

Planned Parenthood objects. That ought to be as successful as “we resist.”

Considering his side forced the nuclear option to be used, yeah, they better.

You might not know how the Constitution works.

Nah “bro” you aren’t having a meltdown. Proceed.

And this just sums it up in a nutshell for a lot of folks…

All the doom and gloom wasn’t getting those who value law and liberty down in the dumps. No, they knew the meltdown was coming, and took it all in. Bigtime:

Shep quick to slap up old tweets to try and shame Trump, promptly gets spanked by a general instead

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Carmine Sabia


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