CNN tried SO hard, but failed with rap video featuring pregnant Muslim woman preaching feminism

After years of pushing secularism and burning bras to promote feminism, the left has a new feminist symbol.

The hijab.

The ever-so-edgy CNN was all aglow praising a new rap video by Mona Haydar, titled “Hijabi (Wrap My Hijab)” espouses the virtues of using the oppressive Muslim garment as somehow a symbol of woman power.

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The chorus of the rap describes wearing the head wrapping as being “liberated.”

All around the world
Love women every shading
be so liberated
All around the world
Love women every shading
power run deep
So even if you hate it
I still wrap my hijab

It’s apparent by reading her Twitter feed that Haydar is no fan of President Donald Trump or his administration.

But her popularity has taken off after she released, what she called, resistance music.

But not everyone was on board with the hijab as the new feminist power symbol.

H/T: Twitchy.

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