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Chris Matthews floats Trump bombed Syria as a cover for Russian ties … not once, but twice

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If you needed more proof that the far left will attack President Donald Trump no matter what he does, you got it on Thursday night.

After the president sent around 60 tomahawk missiles blazing through the night sky over Syria delivering swift justice for those murdered in a chemical gas attack by their own government, all MSNBC host Chris Matthews and Mother Jones’ David Corn could think about was Russia.

Matthews was feeling no “tingles” over Trump’s move.

“Here’s a President who’s under incredible scrutiny for his relations, such as they were, with the Russians in all those months that the Russians were helping him get elected President. And here he is tonight apparently — we’re hearing lots of talks about it with guests we’ve had on — that there may be military action against Russia’s number one ally, which is Syria. Is this to cover his tracks?” Matthews asked Corn.

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“That would be the wag the dog scenario, right?” Corn said. “It would distract from the investigation and show I’m not in bed with the Russians. I can launch strikes that are inconvenient and maybe end up killing some Russians. Who knows what that goes from here.”

He said something similar to Brian Williams, who thought the airstrikes were beautiful, when he said he might be using the strike as a distraction.

“Maybe it’s cynicism but I thought, if there was a way for him to kill the narrative that he’s in bed with Putin it would be this,” Matthews said.

“It certainly isn’t going to go well with Putin unless we find out they had a phone call this afternoon and they worked this thing out and it was a set piece that was not meant to be particularly antagonistic to Moscow.”

It’s sad, but not surprising, from Matthews and Corn.

It was the same radical leftist duo that decried the controversy over the fact that Susan Rice unmasked Trump transition team officials caught in incidental surveillance, as racist and sexist.

They are nothing if not consistent.

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