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Valerie Jarrett couldn’t have seen what was coming when she said Americans should THANK Susan Rice

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Former White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett sounded just like Susan Rice defending accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl as serving “with honor and distinction” in her defense of Rice.

Jarrett claimed that the former National Security Advisor served with the “highest integrity & character.”

Clip via Sirius XM Politics Twitter feed

At issue was Rice’s recent admission that she had ordered the “unmasking” of American citizens on surveillance reports — something she had denied two weeks earlier.

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And that, among other things, put Rice’s “integrity and character” right on par with Bergdahl’s “honor and distinction” — it was non-existent.

Too add insult to injury, Jarrett blasted a Twitter post saying that Americans should be thanking Rice for keeping Americans safe “24-7.”

Judging from the overwhelming response Jarrett received, that didn’t sit well with most Americans.

Twitter proceeded to destroy her.

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Toward the end of the interview, Jarrett claimed that for Rice, “it was important to just go out and speak the truth.” That was especially important to her after it came out that her prior denial was another fabrication.


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