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‘That seems very partisan!’ Martha MacCallum lays into Dem desperate to keep ‘Russian collusion’ alive

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Democratic lawmakers continue to dismiss Susan Rice‘s unmasking scandal because it doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that asking Rice to testify about her alleged role in unmasking Trump transition team members is an “unnecessary hurdle” because the real issue is whether Trump had colluded with Russia to influence the election.

“We don’t have time to have curiosity on what Donald Trump makes up,” Swalwell said.

When MacCallum pointed out that there’s still “no evidence” of collusion after 8 months of investigation, Swalwell falsely claimed there’s no evidence that Susan Rice had unmasked Trump aides.

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MacCallum said that’s incorrect, because there’s plenty of evidence showing that Rice had filed several requests to unmask Trump team members when they were private citizens. Multiple media outlets have confirmed this.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said unmasking private citizens for reasons other than national security is espionage. This is a stance echoed by many in the intelligence community.

Under U.S. federal law, espionage is a felony punishable by death (that’s how seriously the United States frowns on random spying on private citizens).

MacCallum then asked Swalwell if the situation were reversed and a Republican administration official had unmasked associates of a Democrat candidate, wouldn’t he want an investigation?

Swalwell cavalierly dismissed the question as a hypothetical, and refused to answer. “That seems very partisan, Congressman,” MacCallum replied.

Conservatives on Twitter slammed Eric Swalwell as a partisan hack who can “lie with a straight face” while bleating empty Democratic talking points.



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