Left cheers Nunes ‘stepping down’ from Russian probe; the Right laughs when they hear who’s ‘stepping in’

“Be careful what you ask for liberals.”

Not enough egg for all the Lib faces who celebrated Obama’s Syrian chemical weapons ‘victory’ too early

It would be hilarious if not so tragic.

Attention-craved Lindsay Lohan brings on all the wrong kind when she goes to beach in a burkini

“Way to go! They can’t oppress you if you oppress yourself.”

pence security detail
‘The irony is palpable’: Secret Service agent on Pence’s detail suspended after tryst with hooker

“Well, that’s why you don’t have dinner without Mrs. Pence…”

CNN correspondent takes not-so-subtle dig at Melania, but denies she’s being critical of first lady

“She was obviously reading with some difficulty…”

Rosie’s deranged tweet comparing 9/11 to Trump’s election even has critics scared for her mental health

“Wow. Just. Wow.”

Intel reports on Trump associates anything but routine, includes details about ‘their everyday lives’

“When Catherine Herridge speaks, people know it’s the truth…”

‘Easy for white men like us’: Tucker relentlessly exposes mayor’s insane argument for sanctuary cities

“Now you’re getting into completely crazy talk.”

Valerie Jarrett couldn’t have seen what was coming when she said Americans should THANK Susan Rice

“No shame.”

‘Go to hell!’ Famous designer behind Melania’s WH portrait stands up to the haters in a big way


California high school decides mirrors in girls bathrooms are bad, so they replaced them with this …

“This is sooo California.”

Black ‘Outnumbered’ women reality check ‘crazy’ Chris Mathews & guest for race-baiting Susan Rice story

“You have got to be kidding me.”