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Black ‘Outnumbered’ women reality check ‘crazy’ Chris Mathews & guest for race-baiting Susan Rice story

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On Tuesday, Hardball host Chris Matthews had Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn on his MSNBC show to discuss the recent revelations involving former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.


“They’re looking for a pinata, they’ve found one in Susan Rice,” Corn told Matthews.

To which Matthews responded, “Notice it’s always a female.”

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Later in the segment, Corn told Matthews: “They’re defaming her [Rice] without any reason to do so. Because she’s a woman, maybe because she’s a black woman, maybe because they didn’t like her during Benghazi.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Fox News’ Outnumbered, both of the black women on the panel took particular issue with both Corn and Matthews, and it’s awfully hard to argue with their logic.

After listening to the segment, Harris Faulkner was shocked.

“You have got to be kidding me. I hadn’t seen that,”  Faulkner said incredulously. “Because she’s a black woman? That’s crazy! You can’t get to the truth because she’s black and she’s a woman? Neither one of those men are serious.”

Eboni Williams said that Corn’s comments were “black-woman-illusion crap” that “really discredits me as a black woman. What exactly is he implying, that somehow black women are less capable, less accountable, and less credible than others?”

Watch the exchange below:

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