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O’Reilly triggers Don Lemon into Twitter spat: ‘I did cover your sexual harassment allegations, did you?’

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CNN’s Don Lemon continues to spotlight his epic ignorance every time he opens his mouth.

When Bill O’Reilly called Lemon out on Twitter for covering up the Susan Rice scandal, Lemon lashed out by snidely bringing up the recent sexual harassment allegations against the Fox News anchor.

“I did not refuse to cover the story,” an enraged Lemon tweeted at O’Reilly. “But I did cover your sexual harassment allegations. Did you?”

Don Lemon was widely slammed this week after he refused to cover the Susan Rice controversy because it doesn’t promote CNN’s anti-Trump narrative.

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Lemon — who majored in broadcast journalism at Brooklyn College — obviously doesn’t realize how unwise it would’ve been for O’Reilly to “cover” the sexual harassment allegations on his TV show. O’Reilly was undoubtedly advised not to comment on them because it involves a pending legal matter.

If Lemon had actually researched this, he would’ve realized how dumb his challenge to O’Reilly sounded.

Moreover, Bill O’Reilly has repeatedly said that he is not a fan of social media, and does not manage his Twitter account. So Lemon must feel like a big man for feuding with a Twitter account likely run by an intern.

What O’Reilly should ask Don Lemon and CNN today is why they refuse to cover the barrage of racial discrimination lawsuits pending against the company.

CNN prides itself as a champion of social justice and racial equality. To this end, the flailing leftist network recently hired clueless April Ryan as a political analyst.

Obviously CNN is doing something wrong, because in December 2016 a group of black employees filed a massive class action lawsuit accusing the network of widespread racial discrimination. Since that lawsuit was filed, 175 other current and past employees of CNN and its sister companies have asked to join the class action.

Last month, another class action lawsuit was filed against CNN, this time by a current TBS employee.

How ironic that the race-baiting leftist network that constantly calls President Trump and his aides racist is itself accused of racism by its own black employees.

When all is said and done, it’s likely CNN will be buried under an avalanche of race discrimination lawsuits. So why hasn’t CNN or Don Lemon covered this news?

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