How Ivanka’s wine-toting neighbor became a ‘national hero’ after cheering on the gay dance party in her fur

A fur wearing, wine drinking, neighbor of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner became an Internet sensation after she was photographed at the “gay dance party” to protest climate change outside of their house.

Dianne Bruce, who was photographed by the Daily Mail, became the object of the left wing’s Internet affections after she watched the party from her porch.

Bruce, who described herself to Cosmopolitan as a “relatively liberal Democrat” but “a fiscal Republican,” said she didn’t realize it was a protest when she came out.

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She said she heard there was a “parade” and she grabbed her fur coat because “it was a chilly evening.”

And while she isn’t certain she agreed with the protesters message she told Cosmopolitan she wasn’t a big fan of the Trump administration.

“I’m not particularly crazy about the Trump administration. But they are people, and I in my own way can protest things. I mean, I went to the first march in my life when I went to the Women’s March in Washington. And [I] was most impressed with all that,” she said. “So I thought, well, protest is good, as long as it doesn’t get ugly. And this definitely was not ugly. It was basically a party.”

The Internet showed her the love as they all shared in the unifying theme of hating Trump and Kushner and, as PJ Media pointed out, there wasn’t a word from the animal rights activists on the left about the fur Bruce was wearing.

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