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Touchy! Dem founded investigative news site throws major fit when Spicer calls it a ‘left-wing blog’

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In saying he was unaware of changes to the trust President Donald Trump set up to allay concerns about possible conflicts of interest with his businesses, White House press secretary Sean Spicer referred to ProPublica as a “left-wing blog.”

…needless to say, the online investigative journalism site was not pleased.

“I’m not aware there was any change,” Spicer said at Monday’s daily press briefing, in response to a ProPublica report of a clause that allows Trump to draw money from his business interests without disclosing it.

“Just because a left-wing blog makes the point of something changing doesn’t mean it actually happened,” Trump’s spokesman added.

ProPublica, founded by Democrat billionaire donors and  panned as a Soros-linked group composed of left-wing journos, had an online conniption.

Launching a 15 tweet rant of sorts, the site proceeded to set the record straight… or at least even the score:

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ProPublica shared proof of when the trust was revised — it’s important to note that Spicer never said this didn’t happen, just that he was “not aware” of any changes.

The New York-based non-profit proceeded to blast the Trump administration in the next few tweets that featured some of their “facts,” before concluding that they are an equal opportunity offender, having targeted former President Barack Obama:

And while ProPublica may deny they took the slight personally, the final tweet in the series suggests otherwise:

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